去一趟菜市場採購一週的食材,是幾乎每個家庭主婦每週的例行公事。為了營養的均衡一次買齊了各種食材,買了空心菜、高麗菜、蘿蔔、肉、魚、豆腐等等。菜市場是一個塑膠袋供應很大方的所在,每次採買都是一種食材一個小塑膠袋裝,最後再用一個大塑膠袋裝所有的食材,一趟食材的採購之旅,你也收集了不下十個大大小小的塑膠袋。 那麼,你知道最終這些塑膠袋都到哪裡去了嗎?

因應人類對於塑膠的需求量,塑膠產量從1950 年代以來每11 年倍增,也因為塑膠難以分解,加上儲存、處置的不當,導致大量塑膠被棄置、流入海中、成為主要的海洋廢棄物。
塑膠垃圾對於海洋的危害已經不下當年DDT 對於陸地環境的危害,我們應該採取積極的行動全面抵制、減少塑膠類垃圾的使用!

Have you ever wondered how many plastic bags you can collect from a trip to a traditional market? 

Going to a traditional market to buy a week’s worth of groceries is a part of every housewife’s weekly routine. To provide a well-balanced diet, they buy a variety of food such as vegetables, carrots, meat, fish, and tofu, and each type of food comes with a small plastic bag which are then all put in a large one and brought home. After a trip to the market, you are left with a bunch of plastic bags. Guess where all those bags will end up?

Since the 1950s, plastic production has doubled every 11 years since the 1950s. Plastics take years to decompose, and when they are discarded, they flow into the oceans and become marine trash. 
We should take action and help reduce plastic waste!









Live a plastic-free life!
Not only does shan have a no-plastic policy, we also have very high standards for the materials used to make our eco-bags.
The shan bag is made from photolytic material, allowing it to be naturally broken down in 3 months under direct sunlight. So, don’t be surprised when your shan bag vanishes after not using it for too long! 
*Size: 250mmx110mmx155mm
*Material: Photolytic
*Properties: Water-resistant, light, highly durable
Photodegradation refers to the complete mineralization or conversion of organic compounds to CO2, H2O, NO3, PO43, CI, etc. by light. 


shan|善 以自然為本,順應萬物而生的循環,除採用有機天然認證成分外,更堅持使用可回收分解的包裝材質。提袋採用聚丙稀加工製成,無毒抗菌可被陽光分解,友善對待大地,承諾下一代永續美好生活。
shan│善官網 購買套組優惠,即贈送善袋

Shan creates products formulated with certified natural and organic ingredients as well as eco-friendly packaging. The shan bag is made from polypropylene. Non-toxic and biodegradable, shan believes in treating the earth well as a promise to building a better and more sustainable lifestyle for future generations to come.
Buy shan sale products on the official website and get a shan bag for free.

Live a plastic-free life and treat the earth and yourself well with shan!


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